Tweetfinity for Twitter

Version 2.1

Tweetfinity is the swift and stylish Twitter client for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

Redesigned from the ground up for iOS 8, it's quick to setup and easy to use. Fall in love with a colourful home timeline, which you can read in either portrait or landscape, with powerful controls just a tap away.

  • Looks impressive on your iPhone 6, 6+ or new iPod Touch
  • 1Password integration
  • Quick and safe to setup
  • Full support for iOS 8 share sheets
  • Your tweets, mentions and retweets highlighted in colour
  • Multiple Twitter accounts
  • Quickly open links in-app, Safari or Chrome
  • Support for iOS larger text sizes
  • Works in portrait or landscape

Requirements: Compatible with your iPhone and iPod Touch. Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Network connection required.

Quick and safe to setup thanks to 1Password integration.

Tap on a tweet or message to reveal the actions - reply, retweet, favourite and share.

Verified accounts have a highly visible blue checkmark on their accounts.

Follow conversations between people on Twitter with this clean, uncluttered view.

Tap and hold on any link to quickly open up the iOS 8 share sheet.

All the safety, power and flexibility of 1Password just a tap away.

Have a question not mentioned here?

Please feel free to get in contact via Twitter or email.

How do I view another users profile?

You can tap on profile images where ever you see them. Tap to view information about that user, such as their bio, latest tweets or who they are following.

Can I show people's full names?

Yes. This option can be changed in Settings by toggling 'Show full names'.

Can I show images in my timeline?

Not yet, but this feature is being actively worked on. If you are interested in helping test the next version, feel free to get in contact.

Can I restrict my searches to my language?

Yes. This option can be found in Settings under 'Search Lauange'.

How can I see trending topics near me?

This can be done in two places. Either via the location icon in the 'Trending Topics' section, or an option can be found in Settings under 'Location'.

Does Tweetfinity support Twitter photos/videos?

Not yet, but this feature is being actively worked on. If you are interested in helping test the next version, feel free to get in contact.

How do you reply, retweet or favourite?

Tap on the tweet or message you would like to reply to, retweet or favourite and an action bar will slide out with these options.

Can I disable sound effects?

Yes. This option can be changed in Settings by toggling 'Sound effects'.

How can I easily view my profile?

Navigate to the "Accounts" section and then tap on your profile image. Improvements are planned to make your own profile more accessible.

How do I load old tweets?

Simply scroll down to the bottom of the timeline and if possible Tweetfinity will retrieve older tweets from Twitter. The number of tweets available for viewing varies, but you will be informed once you reach the bottom. Tweetfinity is smart enough to know if you are currently working offline and will visualise this to you in the timeline.

Does Tweetfinity support drafts?

Not yet, but this feature is being actively worked on. If you are interested in helping test the next version, feel free to get in contact.


Released on 16th September 2015
  • Full support for iOS 9 and ready for the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s+
  • Utilises the powerful new Safari technology available in iOS 9 to:
    • Enjoy exactly the same lightening fast browsing experience as Safari
    • Provide you with the safest browsing experience
    • Make use of Safari AutoFill and Safari Reader
  • Completely new tweet/message composer:
    • URLs are now shortened automatically when tweeting or sending a direct message
    • The character count is now more accurate
    • Unsent tweets or messages can be saved as drafts and resumed later
    • Choose which account to tweet/message from by tapping on profile image
    • Add your location to tweets
    • You can now see the tweet or message you are replying too in the composer
    • Coming soon: Tweet or message with photos or video
    • Coming soon: @mention and #hashtag autocomplete
  • Brand new in-app Settings with a new design and revised options:
    • Options to get in contact via Twitter and Email
    • Check and change follow status with @tweetfinity
    • Convenient way to rate in the App Store
    • Toggle the showing of colours on tweets
  • Update the excellent 1Password Extension to v1.5 giving you the ability to fill identity and credit card information within the in-app web browser
  • Send and receive direct messages much longer than 140 characters!
  • Quickly scroll to top of timeline by tapping it's icon again
  • Resolved the following issues:
    • Fix issue with pull to refresh appearing in tweet/message conversations
    • Fix incorrectly coloured tweets when scrolling quickly (ie, using the top of timeline gesture)


Released on 5th July 2015
  • Fully optimised for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
  • Application wide refinements to the look and feel, from tweets and messages to pull to refresh
  • New design for the in-lined action bar and now available in more places
  • Links can now be tapped directly or long press for more options
  • Support for iOS share sheets. Your favourite apps will now appear automatically!
  • Add support for 1Password when signing into Twitter and in the in-app web browser (iOS 8+ only)
  • Can now open links in Safari or Chrome (if installed)
  • Optimised the way that gaps in timelines are resolved, reducing the number of tweets retrieved and removing unncessary gaps
  • Improvements to application startup speed
  • Minimum iOS version now 7.x
  • Resolved the following issues:
    • Fixed rare crash when resuming from background
    • Fixed a bunch of issues with paging downwards in timelines
    • Fixed some text clipping issues when looking at accounts or searching for people
    • Clearing cache now works more reliably
    • Fixed issue whereby trending topics were not refreshed correctly after changing location
    • Fix issue whereby you could not open the users profile if their image had not downloaded


Released on 13th September 2014
  • Initial support for iOS 8, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+
  • Resolved the following issues:
    • Fixed issue whereby you could not add a new account
    • Fixed issue with retweets being truncated
    • Fixed a few crashes related to the tweet bar


Released on 4th June 2014
  • Completely new look for people when looking at followers/following, accounts and searching
  • Added a confirmation message when unfollowing by long pressing
  • Improve handling of App Store links
  • In app web browser now allows you to compose mail when tapping mail links
  • Make it clearer when a link could not be loaded due to having no internet connection
  • More redesigned icons
  • When a timeline gap does not need resolving due to a tweet being deleted remove the entry from the timeline
  • Now always switch to a newly added account
  • Removed yFrog video sharing in favour of TwitPic
  • Resolved the following issues:
    • Fix composing tweets starting too far from the top on iOS 7
    • Fixed issue with using TwitPic
    • Fix potential issue not being able to see some of the text you entered in tweet composer
    • Fixed issue with the title whilst searching for people being hard to read and not centered on iOS 7
    • Fix missing application icons for iPad
    • Fixed issue with pull to refresh triggering too early on iOS 7
    • Fix issue with background colour on “Load missing tweets” gap
    • Fixed crash caused by swiping to delete on accounts list with no accounts
    • Fix issue with pull to refresh whilst searching
    • Fix a few small animation issues when using the web browser
    • Fix issue with configuring diigo and Instapaper read later services
    • Fix issue with account switching animation
    • Add missing release notes for v1.3 and v1.0 through v1.0.3
    • Update 3rd party licenses


Released on 11th May 2014
  • Fresh new look for iOS 7
  • Fully optimised for the iPhone 5S
  • Brand new in-app web browser
  • It is now necessary to have a Twitter account to use the app
  • Removal of the "Top Tweets" section, you should follow @twitter instead
  • Tapping on empty timeline message will now refresh the timeline!
  • Resolved the following issues:
    • Fix flickering of profile images in certain circumstances
    • Fix rare crash after adding first user account
    • Fix issue with not loading favourites properly
    • Fix end of timeline now showing spinner when actually loading more entries
    • Fix issue causing Twitter authorisation to appear when tapping on an empty timeline message


Released on 7th May 2013
  • Performance enhancements
  • Fixed profile images not showing in some cases


Released on 2nd May 2013
  • Fixed problems not being able to see followers or who is following


Released on 28th April 2013
  • Switch to using the new Twitter v1.1 API
  • Improved performance of profile downloading
  • Minimum iOS version is now v6.x


Released on 21st September 2012
  • More optimisations for the new iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5th generation
  • Added option to disable sound effects under Settings
  • Made a number of speed improvements
  • If you have not yet authorised Tweetfinity to access your DMs the "Messages" entry on the tab bar will show a "?"
  • Enabled TwitPic for video uploading
  • Resolved the following issues:
    • Fixed some visual glitches when running under iOS 6
    • Resolve issue with pull to refresh causing lock up on iOS 4.3
    • Fixed issue not being able to delete the last user account
    • Profile images on Accounts will now be downloaded and shown properly
    • Fixed issue whereby timeline position was not saved when switching users
    • Fixed numerous crashes - thanks for reporting


Released on 14th September 2012
  • iOS 6 compatibility (minimum supported version is now iOS 4.3)
  • Added support for iPhone 5
  • Resolved the following issues:
    • Fixed crash on iOS 4.3.5 causing you to be unable to "Sign In"
    • Fix issue that would stop Emoji from being entered when composing a tweet
    • Fixed some image caching issues
    • Fixed downloading of some low quality default profile images
    • Fix squashed/stretched profile images on profile viewer


Released on 14th May 2012
  • Added the much requested "Pull to refresh" feature to timelines
  • Drastically improved the quality of profile images, especially on retina displays
  • Enhanced image caching and downloading for better experience when offline or in low signal areas
  • Performance improvements when scrolling timelines
  • You can now view profile information of people @mentioned in tweets by using the link button in the tweet bar
  • Similarly you can also search #hashtags people are talking about in tweets by using the link button in the tweet bar
  • Added options to copy the text of a tweet, "Reply to all" if the original tweet contains @mentions and copy a link to a tweet
  • Increased time required for press and hold to mark a tweet as a favourite
  • Numerous improvements to the "About" section
  • Rebranded "Read It Later" as "Pocket", check out the Read Later services menu
  • Resolved the following issues:
    • Fixed long running issue of not being able to scroll to top of timeline
    • Fixed crash when not logged in caused by viewing another users profile
    • Fixed a crash when viewing searching and then returning to trending topics
    • Fixed a few issues with URL parsing
    • Fixed issue with some notifications not disappearing properly


Released on 28th April 2011
  • Implemented the number one requested feature: colour to your timeline:
    • blue - tweets from you
    • green - tweets that @mention you
    • orange - retweets
  • Performance enhancements throughout the app, especially when switching sections with a large number of pending tweets or messages. Please continue to report any sluggish behaviour
  • Add new graphic to signify the end of a timeline or list
  • Made the "Following" icon easier to read on non-Retina displays
  • Tapping the reply or retweet icon in the tweet bar will now display a menu with further options as the previous gesture was unintuitive. Remember - double tapping on a tweet or message will perform a reply. More gestures are coming soon!
  • Added several new icons for various notifications, namely sending or receiving a tweet or message
  • Resolved the following issues:
    • Scroll to top of timeline gesture shouldn't stop working
    • Crash caused by tweet bar being opened when new tweets were received
    • Occasionally notifications would not appear onscreen but could be heard
    • Changing trending topic location should now correctly force a refresh
    • Links to the iTunes store will now open correctly rather than error
    • Deleting the last message in a conversation will now remove the entire conversation


Released on 18th April 2011
  • Resolved the following issues:
    • Resolved crash caused in some locales


Released on 14th April 2011
  • Resolved the following issues:
    • Fixed a crash that occured immediately after logging in
    • Fixed a crash in the Accounts section affecting iOS 3.1.3 users


Released on 12th April 2011
  • Initial release of Tweetfinity to the App Store
Tap and hold on a profile image

This will open up an action sheet with options such as sending a message, @mentioning or even reporting for spam!

Quickly mark as favourite

Tap and hold on a tweet to mark it as a favourite.

Open share sheet

Tap and hold on any link to quickly open the iOS 8 share sheet. From there you can perform actions such as opening in Safari or Chrome (if installed).

Replying via message

Tap on a tweet to expose the actions, and then tap and hold on the reply button.

Retweet with comments

Tap on a tweet to expose the actions, and then tap and hold on the retweet button.

Clear recent searches

Tap the edit button and then tap 'Clear all recent searches'.

Quickly follow/unfollow

When your viewing a list of people, you can tap and hold them to quickly follow or unfollow.

If you would like any assistance or have any questions please get in contact.